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The existing Morpho Subgraphs (following sections) provide developers with a powerful way to access and retrieve data from the Morpho Protocol, using GraphQL-based subgraph. Those subgraphs enable developers to track the evolution of the supported lending protocols and their interactions with Morpho.

Getting Started

To use the Morpho Subgraphs, one needs to be familiar with GraphQL and its query language. Visit the Hosted Service Playground to explore the available subgraphs and learn how to structure one's queries.

Explore the subgraphs

The subgraphs contains data related to lending protocols, event flows, and more. One can access data such as pool rates, indexes, balances, and user interactions with Morpho, including supplies, borrows, repayments and withdraws.

Why using the subgraphs?

Using the Morpho subgraphs enables anyone to access comprehensive data from the Morpho Protocol. The subgraphs provides a scalable and efficient way to retrieve information that is difficult or time-consuming to compute onchain.


If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out on Discord