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Vault Creation


MetaMorpho vault curator is supposed to be a knowledgeable DeFi user, as monitoring liquidity on Morpho Blue requires skills, and has some risks. Refer to the risk section.

MetaMorpho Vaults can be created directly via etherscan or using scripts.

Creation of the Vault via Etherscan

1. Factory Address

Always double check the address you are clicking on:

Jump into the factory address on mainnet: 0xA9c3D3a366466Fa809d1Ae982Fb2c46E5fC41101

2. Fill attributes

One will have to fill the following attributes:

  • initialOwner: The initial owner of the vault.
    This address will have the authority to manage the vault's settings and parameters after creation.
  • initialTimelock: The initial duration, in seconds, during which any critical operations (e.g., changing the curator or guardian roles, updating market parameters) are delayed for security reasons. It must meet the vault's timelock bounds (minimum = 1 day = 86,400 seconds and maximum = 2 weeks = 1,209,600 seconds).
    Timelock value

    It can be convenient to set the timelock to the the minimum value during the configuration phase to complete it faster, aka with the 86400 value. Any owner can increase the timelock value after the vault creation.

  • asset: The address of the underlying asset (ERC20 token) for which the vault is being created. The vault will manage deposits and withdrawals of this asset.
  • name: The human-readable name of the vault.
    It is used primarily for display and identification purposes.
  • symbol: The abbreviation or ticker symbol of the vault.
    This symbol is a shorter way to represent the vault, typically used in interfaces and listings.
  • salt: A unique value used in conjunction with the vault's other parameters to deterministically generate its address through the CREATE2 opcode. This ensures the uniqueness of the vault's address even if other parameters are identical.
Vault Creation

3. Approve

Approve the transaction, and retrieve the address of your vault.