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Morpho Blue


Morpho Blue is an immutable overcollateralized lending protocol with permissionless market creation. It implements independent lending markets, which are simple lending pools with only one collateral asset and one borrowable asset, priced through an oracle. The interest rate is given by an immutable interest rate model (IRM). Each pool is characterized by a predefined Liquidation Loan-to-Value (LLTV). Markets can be created by anyone with any ERC20 assets and oracles, with an LLTV and IRM chosen in a set predefined by governance.

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of Morpho Blue, we suggest starting with the basic concepts first.

These pages provide guides and technical documentation for the Morpho Blue smart contracts, including Morpho Blue, IRM and Oracle examples. You can use these docs to learn about Morpho Blue and develop onchain or offchain integrations. For a deeper dive, read through the technical reference documentation.


A visual of the Morpho Blue related set of smart contracts and corresponding flow is as follows: