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Getting Started

This guide helps you integrate Morpho Blue into your project.

The onchain scripts are written in Solidity, and based on the Foundry toolkit. The offchain version is written in Typescript and based on ethers-v6 library.


forge install morpho-org/morpho-blue


We are going to use the MorphoBalancesLib library to ease the reading of Morpho balances. You should also add it on top of your contract:

import {IMorpho} from "@morpho-blue/interfaces/IMorpho.sol";
import {MorphoBalancesLib} from "@morpho-blue/libraries/periphery/MorphoBalancesLib.sol";

contract MyContract {
using MorphoBalancesLib for IMorpho;

// Your code here...


An educational repository has been released for integrators and users:

Morpho Blue Snippets Repository

It shows how to properly call the different Morpho Blue functions from your own smart contract according to the operations you want to perform.

/* SETUP */

/// @notice Calculates the total supply balance of a given user in a specific market.
/// @param marketParams The parameters of the market.
/// @param user The address of the user whose supply balance is being calculated.
/// @return totalSupplyAssets The calculated total supply balance.
function supplyAssetsUser(MarketParams memory marketParams, address user)
returns (uint256 totalSupplyAssets)
totalSupplyAssets = morpho.expectedSupplyAssets(marketParams, user);