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Morpho Chainlink Oracle V2


This is an oracle that uses Chainlink-interface-compliant feeds to provide price data.

This oracle handles the following cases among others (let's say that our pair is A/B):

  • A/B is a feed (typically, stETH/ETH).
  • B/A is a feed (typically, ETH/USDC).
  • A/C and B/C are feeds (typically, stETH/ETH and USDC/ETH).
  • A/C, C/D and B/D are feeds (typically, WBTC/BTC, BTC/USD, USDC/USD).
  • A/D, and B/C, C/D are feeds (typically, USDC/USD, WBTC/BTC, BTC/USD).
  • A/C, C/D and B/E, E/D are feeds.
  • A/C and C/B are feeds (typically, WBTC/BTC and BTC/ETH).
  • A'/C and B/C are feeds, and there is an exchange rate between A and A'. (typically A=sDAI and A'=DAI).

WstETH/stETH Exchange Rate Adapter

A specific implementation, the WstEthStEthExchangeRateChainlinkAdapter, provides the exchange rate between wstETH and stETH as a Chainlink-interface-compliant feed.

This adapter is deployed on Ethereum Mainnet at the address 0x905b7dAbCD3Ce6B792D874e303D336424Cdb1421.


This factory deploys MorphoChainlinkOracleV2 instances.

The factory facilitates the creation and indexing of MorphoChainlinkOracleV2 oracles. This factory contract streamlines the process of deploying new oracles, catering to various market pairs without the need to deploy individual contracts manually for each pair.