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Age 3

This was the third age.
According to the governance vote, the following has been decided for age 3.
This age starts on 29/12/22 and will end on 07/04/2023.
1% of all MORPHO tokens (10,000,000 MORPHO) will be allocated during this age across three Epochs, with a constant distribution across all three epochs:
Age 3
Epoch 1
Epoch 2
Epoch 3
29/12/22 - 01/02/23
01/02/23 - 04/03/23
04/03/23 - 07/04/23
The distribution of $MORPHO rewards across markets on Morpho-Compound and Morpho-Aave are determined by gauges votes.
This rewards setting should continue to catalyze the growth of the protocol without its use becoming dependent on rewards, but always on the better rates that users experience thanks to Morpho.
This allocation will be distributed with the following weights: The lenders (resp. borrowers) of a market in Morpho-Pool receive a share of the amount of MORPHO distributed, which will be vote with the gauges.
Age 3 distribution will help to:
  • Keep the bootstrapping for both Morpho-Compound and Morpho-Aave markets progressively.
  • Continue the decentralization of the protocol.
The script computing the distribution will be available here, and the results for each epoch can be consulted in the distribution folder.
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