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Morpho is known for its industry-leading security practices and follows a multi-faceted approach to security.

Morpho security practices include formal verification, mutation tests, fuzzing, unit testing, and peer reviews that can be found within respective Github repositories. External measures include professional security reviews, contests, and pre/post-deployment bounties.

A whole article was dedicated to the Morpho Blue Security Framework here.

Over time, Morpho has been audited 27 times by 12 different security firms. This covers Morpho Optimizers, Front-ends, and Morpho Blue, and to our knowledge, makes Morpho the most audited project in the world. Feel free to refer to the following 3 sections for more details about respective security reviews:

Morpho Optimizers is renowned for achieving the highest score (98%) out of 300+ protocols on DeFiSafety, an independent rating agency that assesses how closely a protocol follows best practices.

More information on specific security practices is shared in the following sections.