Hal Notifications Setup

Here you will find the information about how to setup notification of your Morpho positions on Hal in less than 3 minutes.
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    Login and Click on Create Notification.
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    Select the action you want to do among: - Track Borrow or Supply rate, - Track Health Factor by threshold, - Track Health Factor periodically, - Track your P2P state update For instance let's create a stream (automatic notification) that will notifiy me when my wallet on a specific protocol (here morpho-aave-v2) has a Health Factor that goes below a specific threshold, here 1.05.
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    Once the trigger action is setted, select the action you want Hal plateforme to execute:
    One can receive a Discord, Slack, Twitter, Telegram, Email message, or you can customize whatever you want with your own webhook. Good to know: you can do multiple actions.
-> This is it! You will be notified when the Health Factor on Morpho-Aave-V2 of the address filled is going below the threshold indicated. ⚡️ 🔥Enjoy🔥⚡️