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What are the Warnings on the Morpho Interface?

Creating a bot

WIP. You can take a look at morpho’s liquidation bot here.


Flash loans are loans that can be taken without any collateral if the borrowed assets are repaid in the same transaction. Flash loans are free in Morpho Blue, and thanks to the singleton architecture, users of the flash loan function can access the liquidity of all markets simultaneously.


Morpho Blue is a decentralized protocol enabling the overcollateralized lending and borrowing of crypto assets (ERC20 Tokens) on the Ethereum Virtual Machine. The protocol is implemented as an immutable smart contract, engineered to serve as a trustless base layer for lenders, borrowers, and applications.

Morpho Blue Free Flash Loans

Morpho Blue’s singleton has a free flash loan function allowing one to borrow from all markets simultaneously, as long as they are repaid in the same transaction.


Morpho is known for its industry-leading security practices and follows a multi-faceted approach to security.

Track Positions

This guide introduces you to the essential functionalities within Morpho Blue that allow users and developers to track and understand their positions, offering insights into the mechanics of supply and borrow Annual Percentage Yield (APY), user assets, market totals, and health factors.